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relationship and moneyMoney is one topic that many couples argue about. Money tends to be a very emotionally-charged topic and can easily lead to friction. Learning to talk about money in healthy ways, though, can pave the way for a healthier relationship. Here’s how to have those tough talks.

Have regular money discussions. Rather than just talking about money when there’s a problem, discuss money regularly – say, when you pay the bills. Get to know each other’s financial attitudes and values. Praise each other for savings, promotions, and money management.

Set goals together. Develop financial goals as a couple – maybe a mutual savings system or a joint financial retirement plan – and review your goals during your regular financial discussions.

Keep some finances separate. Don’t have everything in common accounts. Keep separate accounts, as well, for personal buys. This will help prevent arguments about one person spending the couple’s money. Have a joint account into which each partner pays a pre-set amount each month. Deposit the remainder of your paycheck into your personal account. Use the joint account for combined expenses (such as paying off the mortgage or personal loans you have taken out together) and individual accounts for personal expenses (clothes, personal gadgets, etc).

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